JUNE 22 - JULY 3


Art grows best in dark spaces. Reflecting life's light into hard places.



Jacob Pedrana

Nick Bannehr

Hope Yates

Lucy King

Cam Scott

Street & Gallery Artist


Just like a double negative NOTNOTCAMSCOTT is difficult to pin down. Working in both street and gallery, digital and material, this artist explores numerous territories and techniques through his practice. Born in NY, Cameron has been working in Sydney for over a decade.

By Combining his love for found or recycled materials with painting, stencils and his one of a kind street screen practice, NOTNOT creates through provoking works that always possess a distinctive aesthetic. Alongside from his passion for public art making, Cameron has completed an honours degree from the University of New South Wales.

Very comfortable in a gallery context having been employed at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Venice Biennale/Guggenheim, Cameron has been exhibited in numerous shows both here and abroad. Predominantly working with reflective and transparent materials. His unconventional printmaking practice merges digital and analogue processes with beguiling results. This has led to numerous accolade such as the William Fletcher Foundation Tertiary Grant and the Art Scene Award x 2



Nick Bannehr

Nick is an Australian Artist and photographer who was born and bred in Sydney. Currently pursues long -term personal projects in documentary styles, with a passion for visual storytelling through both still and motion. 


With a strong connection to Country, Nick’s primary focus is on documenting people, traces and culture, with a specific interest in colonialism in Australia. 


Jacob Pedrana

Born and raised in rural Noosa Heads, Artist Jacob Pedrana’s current works speak to the wildness of the Navaho rodeo, induced by sub-tropical colouring. 
Fusing bold pastel acrylic block colours with the soft edge of an oil stick, a melding that transports viewers into the sensory balminess of countryside. This unruly neo-expressionist style leads you on a nomadic journey through his lens.

Jake currently paints from his home studio in North Bondi where he lives with his young son, Ryka.

Photography & Media

Lucy King

Working mostly with the photographic and media, Lucy King is fundamentally interested in images. Specifically, the way we look at images and their effect on our consciousness. Her research and Artistic practice build upon the legacy of the 1980’s picture generation.


Lucy was born and in Sydney and continues to work and live here. She is currently completing a Masters degree a UNSW School or Art and Design. 


Ceramicist & Sculpture

Hope Yates

Hope Yates is a Sydney based artists that explores our attitudes and connections to objects, especially in the way we value art verses the everyday object that influence and shape our personal interaction with the world.